Meet The Sister Of Twitch Streamer Adin Ross, Naomi Ross (2024)

NBA 2K player Adin Ross, who’s now a popular Twitch streamer and social media influencer, got started in the space with his sister, Naomi Ross. They started streaming their NBA 2K familial games on Twitch, and they were both able to consistently build a following through streaming.

However, Naomi’s rise to fame didn’t come as fast as Adin’s,which was why even his biggest fans may not know he has a sister who also streams.Adin took off to the million-follower club while she steadily grew her now hundred thousand followers on social media.

Nevertheless, she isn’t lagging behind and solidly making her own name. In fact, her brother’s fame is giving her a leg up to gain more.

So, if you’re curious about her, come with us, and let’s learn more about her.

Who is Naomi Ross?

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Naomi Ross is the older sister of Adin Ross, and the siblings started their career on Twitch playing NBA 2K together. They even earned the reputation as “streamer siblings.”

According toSportskeeda,Adin first gained popularity when he played NBA 2K20 with Bronny James, LeBron James’ eldest son, and started wager matches with fellow streamers and YouTubers.

However, it was in December 2020 that he finally made his first viral moment. It happened when the legendary LeBron James joined in on his stream with Bronny. He was so starstruck (who wouldn’t be, right?) and told the NBA player how big of a fan he was. The whole clip was uploaded and immediately hit millions of views.

On the other hand, his sister started gaining followers, appearing on Adin’s channels. She often played with him, appeared as a guest on reaction vlogs, and joined prank videos. One of the biggest pranks she actually pulled was on her own brother.

So, the setup was Naomi stopped by the Wizza House, where Adin moved in with other streamers like FaZe Banks, Mike Majlak, Sommer Ray, and RiceGum. Then, she and former footballer and streamer Zias hung out and apparently got way too cozy, ensuring that Adin caught them in the middle of their private moment.

After seeing them, Adin quickly hopped on Instagram Live, visibly pissed with the “lovebirds.” He even said that they had gone too far with their flirting.

Then, later that night, Naomi and Zias finally revealed to him that it was just a prank. That video definitely went well in terms of viewership and earned curiosity toward Naomi. She even gained thousands of followers after that.

The two were spotted hanging out inside Zias’ house a few months later, as seen in Naomi’s uploaded TikToks. Twitter had a field day when the clip came out, checking whether the two were actually an item.

Of course, they ensured that Adin was in on the whole thing. Fans started sending the clip to him to get a reaction, but he couldn’t bothered with the drama.

All he said was, “That’s crazy.”

Where is she now?

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Naomi Ross diverged from her brother when he moved into the Wizza House. While she still appeared on his channel and his streams, she focused more on her social media platforms as an influencer and model.

Naomi’s currently on Instagram under the username @naomzies; as of writing, she has 160,000 plus followers. She also has a YouTube channel, which she made in 2018, with 18,000 subscribers. However, it only contains one video, which was posted in April 2023.

Of course, her OG social, Twitch, has around 45,000 followers. She used to have a TikTok account, but it’s no longer available.

The newest on her list of socials is OnlyFans. She has @naomziesross, where fans can subscribe for free, while @naomziesrossprivate costs $15 monthly.

Naomi has made a name for herself on the platform and amassed tens of thousands of followers, which has caused quite a stir with her brother. Not because he wasn’t supportive of her but mainly because of the stunts that his fans had been pulling.

It seems Adin’s community had been trolling him into watching explicit videos of his sister. The content creator definitely stood his ground when this happened. He told his fans that it wasn’t funny. It was cool to joke about his ex but not his sister.

He expressed frustration, saying, “Putting 90% n*de stuff of my sister. My blood sister. My literal sister I grew up with. I literally knew her ever since I was a baby, bro. It’s beyond disrespectful and too far.”

Adin also pleaded to his community not to share any of Naomi’s videos as their mother also viewed his live streams. He even labeled the act as disrespectful and “genuinely criminal.”


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Adin Ross and his sister Naomi Ross are both flourishing in their respective paths. However, Adin’s reputation hangs on balance after a long list of controversies, including the use of racist and hom*ophobic slurs. In fact, he has already been permanently banned on Twitch. So, there’s that.

Meet The Sister Of Twitch Streamer Adin Ross, Naomi Ross (2024)


What does Naomi Ross do for living? ›

Naomi Ross is not just Adin's sister; she has carved a niche for herself in the digital world. She is an Instagram influencer and an American glamour model. Although she has ventured into Twitch streaming, her activity there is relatively limited compared to her brother.

What does Adin's sister do? ›

Born on 1st November 1995, Naomi Ross is an Instagram model and social media influencer, and just like her brother Adin Ross, she is a Twitch streamer. While Ross enjoys a massive fan following of his own, his sister Naomi Ross is no less than him.

How much money does Adin Ross make a month on Twitch? ›

Overall, Adin Ross' yearly earnings are estimated to be around $5 million per month. Of course, as he has gained a large amount of his following in the past few months, 2021 will be by far the best year for the Twitch streamer, and his earnings might as well increase over the next few months.

Are Monica and Ross siblings? ›

Monica is Ross's younger sister. She later marries Chandler. For most of the show she works as a chef around New York City.

Who was Adin's girlfriend? ›

Currently, he is single and without a girlfriend. In the past, Ross has been romantically linked to women, including Pamela Gheriafi, known as Pamibaby, who was his most recent ex-girlfriend. He has also been associated with other women such as Stacey Gould, Jenna Ortega, Corinna Kopf, and Sky Bri.

Who is Adin's old girlfriend? ›

Stacey Gould is the first Adin Ross' ex-girlfriend. The duo reportedly met through an app at a time when the content creator was beginning his career. They began experiencing relationship challenges when Adin's online career began to thrive, and he dedicated more time to his work.

How old is Adin's sister? ›

Profile summary
Full nameNaomi Ross
Date of birth1 November 1995
Age27 years old (as of 2022)
20 more rows
Nov 27, 2022

Did Adin Ross grow up rich? ›

Adin ross comes from a wealthy part of Boca Roton, Florida. He did not come from a poor family and so had the resources time and effort to get started.

How much does Twitch pay? ›

How much money do Twitch streamers make? You can make anywhere from $50 per month with five to 10 average viewers per stream to as much as $30,000 a month if your average viewership per stream reaches 10,000.

Why did Adin Ross quit? ›

According to the streamer's statement, his recent absence must have been due to the Kick, as he was unsatisfied with its policy. We really hope it is nothing serious and Adin Ross comes back with a bang!

Who is the highest paid influencer on Twitch? ›

Richard Tyler Blevins, or Ninja, is one of the most popular and highest-paid Twitch influencers. He is a professional gamer who streams Fortnite and other popular games on the platform. Ninja reportedly earns over $500,000 per month from his Twitch channel through donations, subscriptions, and ad revenue.

How much bitcoin does Adin Ross have? ›

But there's more. 29 bitcoin, 550 Lite Coin, 201,000 USDT, 144,000 Dogecoin, 701,000 USD EC Coin. and if you add just ETHOP and Bitcoin, it's over 45 million just from those two alone. And even though he's down all this money, most of the money he probably got from his deal.

Does Adin Ross have a half brother? ›

I am Adin Ross' half-brother. This is not a joke, and a few of you already knew. He was banned from Twitch yesterday and has been making erratic career and life decisions since meeting Andrew Tate.

What rappers have been on Adin's stream? ›

Many popular rappers were guests on Adin Ross's channels in the past. The American streamer has hosted numerous broadcasts with Blueface, 21 Savage, Lil Tecca, and other star musicians.


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