Heart Rate Sensors: Polar Verity Sense vs Polar H10 and Polar H9 (2024)

As far as heart rate sensors are concerned, Polar offers a solid trio for any heart rate tracking need: Polar Verity Sense vs Polar H10 and Polar H9.

All three are equipped with Polar’s innovative heart rate tracking technology. All three use Bluetooth® and ANT+ to connect to a great variety of training devices, apps, and Polar sports watches. All three have specific use cases in which they really shine.

But how do you know which heart rate sensor is right for you?

Let’s start at the highest level. One important factor that differentiates Polar Verity Sense vs. Polar H10 and Polar H9 is that Polar H10 and H9 are worn on the chest with a chest strap, whereas Polar Verity Sense is an optical heart rate sensor that can be worn on your arm, clipped to your swimming goggles, or placed just about anywhere on your body where it can fit snugly against your skin.

While both chest strap and optical sensors measure your heart rate, they do it in different ways, using different technologies.

The chest strap measures the electrical activity of the heart, and it’s recognized as the most precise way to measure heart rate. The optical heart rate sensor measures changes in the size of blood vessels with the help of LED lights and a light detector – ultimately providing incredibly accurate heart rate readings effectively.

Another practical thing is that the electrodes on the chest strap need moisture to work, meaning that you must have some water handy to get the chest strap sensor to function. The optical heart rate sensor doesn’t need any moistening so you can start training quicker and easier.

It may sound boring, but if you want all the information quickly in one glance, check out the feature comparison table.

For now, let’s explore all sensors deeper with the help of some basic use cases:

Choose Polar VERITY SENSE if…

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Polar Verity Sense can be worn anywhere on your body – on your arm, clipped to your swimming goggles, or anywhere else where it can stay fitted snugly against your skin. Group fitness class about to start? Slip it on. Ready to track that grueling climb on your ride? Slip it on. Cold morning jog? You get the idea.

Evolved from the Polar OH1, Polar Verity Sense belongs to our new generation of optical heart rate sensors – designed for better usability with updated software and improved battery life, it equips you with a wider bluetooth range and bigger memory. Polar Verity Sense gives you up to 30 hours of training with incredible accuracy – so you can measure every move.


The Polar Verity Sense comes with a handy swimming goggle strap clip so you can wear it comfortably against your temple when swimming.

The Polar Verity Sense has an internal memory that can store up to 600 hours of training data. Afterwards you can easily sync your data to the Polar Flow app.

wearing A chest strap feels uncomfortable

If you find wearing a chest strap cumbersome and you don’t want anything getting in the way of your training session, choose Polar Verity Sense.

Choose Polar H10 for…


Polar H10 is the most accurate heart rate sensor in Polar’s history and the choice of many pro athletes. Having said that, you don’t need to be a pro to want to enjoy pro-level heart rate tracking: the price range we’re talking about here doesn’t require breaking the bank.

Complete with the Polar Pro strap and its extra interference-preventing electrodes and slip-preventing silicone dots, Polar H10 gets you maximum precision for heart rate readings, capturing all the peaks and lows your sessions entail.


The battery on the Polar H10 lasts approximately 400 hours, so it’s easy to see that Polar H10 is your best choice for those ultra-long sessions.

Interval training

It’s hard to beat Polar H10 when it comes to extremely accurate heart rate measurements in a fast-paced situation, such as a hard interval training session. The Polar Pro strap ensures a secure fit and as little interference as possible.

Choose Polar H9 for…


If you’re looking for a basic and affordable, yet high quality device to track your heart rate with, Polar H9 is an excellent choice.


Chest is the best place for tracking heart rate because chest strap gets the sensor as close to your heart as possible. Polar H9 comes with the Polar Soft strap that is easy to use and machine-washable.


When you want to have one heart rate tracker that you can connect to your phone, but also to just about any Bluetooth® and ANT+ devices, Polar H9 is for you. Use it with Polar Flow or any other of your favorite fitness apps.

The Wrap-UP

There you have it – the basic differences between Polar Verity Sense vs Polar H10 and Polar H9 heart rate sensors.

Even though there are some distinctions, it’s good to keep in mind that all three sensors are versatile and work for lots of other use cases in addition to the ones listed here. The ultimate point of all three is to enable you to train smarter with heart rate.

If English is not your native language, you can check out the heart rate sensors page for more info in other languages.

Heart Rate Sensors: Polar Verity Sense vs Polar H10 and Polar H9 (4)

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Please note that the information provided in the Polar Blog articles cannot replace individual advice from health professionals. Please consult your physician before starting a new fitness program.

Heart Rate Sensors: Polar Verity Sense vs Polar H10 and Polar H9 (2024)


Is Polar H10 better than Polar H9? ›

Polar H10 vs Polar H9

The Polar H9 strap launched in January 2020 as a cheaper alternative to the H10. It offers the same accuracy but has a marginally less comfortable strap with a hook closure that doesn't have the silicone spots for a more secure fit, though I didn't have problems with the H9 on that front.

What is the difference between Polar H10 and Verity Sense for swimming? ›

Polar H10 and Polar H9 is that Polar H10 and H9 are worn on the chest with a chest strap, whereas Polar Verity Sense is an optical heart rate sensor that can be worn on your arm, clipped to your swimming goggles, or placed just about anywhere on your body where it can fit snugly against your skin.

Which is the best Polar heart rate monitor to buy? ›

If you're serious about incorporating heart rate zone training into your routine, it's hard to beat the Polar H10's accuracy. Choose this model over the more affordable H9 if you often work out without your phone or if you want to beam your heart rate to more than one device at a time.

Is Polar Verity Sense accurate? ›

The Verity Sense measures heart rate using a technique called photoplethysmography or (mercifully) PPG for short. It produces accurate heart rate measurement compared to a chest strap, though its readings do seem to be slightly delayed. The purple line here is from the Polar, the blue from a Garmin chest strap.

Which Polar sensor to buy? ›

When it comes to accuracy and connectivity, Polar H10 heart rate sensor is the go-to choice. Monitor your heart rate with maximum precision and connect your heart rate to a great variety of training devices with Bluetooth® and ANT+.

Does Polar H9 do ECG? ›

From Polar: Accurate ECG heart rate tracking with up to 400 hours battery life. Bluetooth, ANT+, and 5kHz connectivity with 3rd party compatibility.

What is Polar Verity Sense? ›

Polar Verity Sense is a versatile high-quality optical heart rate sensor that measures heart rate from your arm or temple. It's a great alternative to heart rate chest straps and wrist-based devices. You can use it with the armband, swimming goggle strap clip or just place it anywhere snug and firm against your skin.

Does Polar Verity Sense track distance? ›

The Verity Sense records your heart rate, distance and pace automatically in pool swimming with the specific swimming mode. Distance and pace calculations are based on the set pool length and detected turns.

Does Polar Verity Sense track calories burned? ›

You'll get your heart rate, workout duration, heart rate zone visualization, training benefit and burned calories. Swimming mode: place Polar Verity Sense in the swimming goggle strap clip against your temple and record your pool swimming session.

Is anything better than the Polar H10? ›

While both Garmin and Polar make excellent heart rate monitors, the HRM-Pro beats out the H10 for the top spot. Both monitors detect and record your heart rate quickly and accurately, but the HRM-Pro is more comfortable, especially for long periods of time, and fits a wider range of sizes.

What is the most accurate heart rate monitor on the market? ›

The Polar H10 Heart Rate Sensor was the top-performing chest-strap monitor we tried. Throughout testing we found the real-time ECG/EKG monitoring accurate, and we loved that the ANT+ connectivity options allowed us to record and track our HR via the free Polar app.

Does Polar verity measure HRV? ›

With the Polar H10 / H9 heart rate sensor, you can get detailed HRV (heart rate variability) based information about your body and fitness in case you're looking for more personalized guidance for your training habits. How does the Polar Verity Sense/Polar OH1 optical heart rate measurement work?

How tight should Polar Verity Sense be? ›

Generally, you can wear the Verity Sense wherever you feel comfortable and you feel you are getting accurate readings. Just make sure that the sensor is snugly and firmly against your skin, for example under tight-fitting clothing.

When was Polar Verity Sense released? ›

The Polar Verity Sense originally launched in early 2021, with an updated version coming out in May 2023.

Where do you wear the Polar Verity Sense? ›

You can use it with the armband, swimming goggle strap clip or you can place it anywhere against your skin where it sits snugly and firmly. To measure heart rate accurately when using the armband, you need to wear the Verity Sense snugly on your forearm or upper arm, not on your wrist.

Is Polar H9 accurate? ›

The Polar H9 is accurate and consistent.

Is Polar H10 accurate? ›

The bottom line is, they generally provide very accurate results as they feature an electrocardiography (ECG) heart-rate sensor, usually with a 99.6% accuracy. Wrist-worn devices, which rely on optical sensors that shine light through your body tissue and read the refractions, are far less precise in their monitoring.

What is the difference between Polar H10 and h10n? ›

You can use it with your Polar monitor or, for instance, your smart phone and the Polar Beat, available for free from the Polar web site. The difference between this H10 N and the original H10 is the added ANT+ compatibility. Text model: the actual belt has text printed on it.

Can Polar H10 do ECG? ›

In a another recent study, the single lead ECG derived from the Polar H10, when compared to telemetric ECG, was shown to be both a practical and reliable tool in determining basic heart rhythm including sinus rhythm, atrial fibrillation and ectopy [28] .


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