The History of the Atlanta Braves Logo (2024)

The History of the Atlanta Braves Logo (1)

One of the oldest baseball teams in the league is the Atlanta Braves. They’ve been around since 1876 and have had the moniker “Braves” since 1912. During their long history, they’ve won the World Series and been the home of such legendary players as Eddie Mathews and Hank Aaron. What you may not know, however, is that they’ve changed their logo several times. This was because of the offensive imagery of Native Americans depicted on previous versions. When all was said and done, they changed the logo an astonishing 29 times before settling on the one we are familiar with today. Is your mind sufficiently blown? The team’s logo has changed in several ways over the years. Not only did they modify the symbols, but the shape, color, and font saw changes as well. This may not seem like a big deal but, as you will see, the devil is in the details.


The very first Atlanta Braves logo featured a line drawing of a Native American warrior - a side profile to be more specific. Shortly after, they switched to a capitalized B in a Gothic font style. It didn’t last long. They soon switched to a side profile of a Native American brave with a feather headdress.

This switching (between a big B and Native American side profile) happened until 1952. This is the year a circular logo featuring a slightly more realistic image of a Native American made its debut. This design lasted for five years. In 1957, they changed it to an image of a Native American with a single feather in his hair and a mohawk hairstyle. They also added some emotion to his face. Some dubbed it “the screaming savage.” But, as you can tell, this nickname didn’t sit well with many.

In 1966, they made a minor modification by adding the word “Braves” under the picture of the warrior. A few years after that, the designers placed a rectangle around the entire logo. This remained unchanged until 1990, when the present logo came on the scene.


All Braves fans bleed red and blue. But, did you know that the team’s logo hasn’t always followed this color scheme? In the beginning, designers drew the warrior in white and red. To create a more realistic look, they changed his skin color to brown and added red, yellow, white, and green to the feathers. With the big B logo, blue was the color of choice in most cases. The logo didn’t feature the iconic red and blue color scheme until 1972. This is when they wrote the word “Braves” in red and outlined it in blue. From then on, all modifications featured this palette. For instance, the very next logo featured the aforementioned Braves script but against a blue rectangular background. The warrior’s face was white and red.


The font originally used for the capitalized B was ornate and Gothic, featuring exaggerated swirls, curls, and extra lines. This changed in 1966 when the team switched to a script font. It remained the same until 1972 when they italicized the font and made it thinner. If this sounds familiar, it’s because this is the font they use to this day.

Inspiration and Influences of the Current Logo

Since 1990, the Atlanta Braves logo has remained the same. Its design references the team’s past but with the offensive imagery (Native American stereotypes) removed. Instead, they added a tomahawk (a Native American tool) which symbolizes throwing accuracy and force. This pays homage to the team’s skill and athleticism. Finally, to maintain some of its nostalgia, they kept the script font.

Interesting Facts

When you’ve been around long enough, you will collect interesting stories. The same is the same for the Atlanta Braves. Keeping this in mind, we offer several intriguing pieces of trivia to deepen your knowledge of one of the most iconic teams in baseball:

  • Before becoming the Atlanta Braves, they were the Boston Braves. Before that, they were the Milwaukee Braves.
  • The caps worn by the baseball players don’t contain the actual logo. Instead, they featured a white, capitalized A written in script. It’s different on jersey sleeves too. This design features two tomahawks in an “X” shape.

The Bottom Line

Although baseball teams that reference Native Americans have had a tricky history, the current Atlanta Braves logo does a great job at paying homage to its past without being offensive. This wasn’t always true but, as documented above, the team evolved its perspective until they got it right. We think they did a great job.

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The History of the Atlanta Braves Logo (2024)


The History of the Atlanta Braves Logo? ›

The Braves logos have evolved over the years, featuring a Native American warrior from 1945 to 1955, followed by a laughing Native American with a mohawk and a feather from 1956 to 1965. The modern logo, introduced in 1987, includes the cursive word "Braves" with a tomahawk below it.

What is the meaning behind the Atlanta Braves name? ›

The team was sold the following year to James Gaffney, an alderman for Tammany Hall, which used an Indian headdress for its emblem and referred to its members as Braves. Consequently, the franchise became known as the Braves for the first time in 1912.

What was the Atlanta Braves logo in 1966? ›

Primary Logo (1966-1967)

For their first two seasons in Atlanta, the Braves used this blue rounded square with a photo of a Native American head with a mohawk and feather above the scripted Braves in red as their primary logo.

What is the history of the Atlanta Braves mascot? ›

Origin. The mascot's tradition started in 1964 while the franchise was in Milwaukee. The first recorded instance of the concept came when a 16-year-old high school student named Tim Rynders set up a tipi in the centerfield bleachers. He danced and ignited smoke bombs when the Braves scored.

When did the Braves use the feather logo? ›

Alternate Logo (1972-1979)

A blue and red feather outlined in white on blue, worn on the sleeves of the Atlanta Braves home jersey only from 1972 to 1975, and then on the sleeve of the road jersey only from 1976 to 1979.

What does Braves logo mean? ›

The Braves logos have evolved over the years, featuring a Native American warrior from 1945 to 1955, followed by a laughing Native American with a mohawk and a feather from 1956 to 1965. The modern logo, introduced in 1987, includes the cursive word "Braves" with a tomahawk below it.

Why didn't the Braves have to change their name? ›

The Braves released a statement, announcing that discussions were still ongoing about the chop, but the team name would not be changed. In an interview, Braves president Terry McGuirk said, "we are so proud of our team's name, and our expectation is that we will always be the Atlanta Braves".

What was the Braves old name? ›

In a way, it's also the story of professional baseball in America. In fact, the franchise that started as the Boston Red Stockings in the 1870s and is now known as the Atlanta Braves is the only one of today's 30 Major League franchises to have fielded a team every season professional baseball has been in existence.

What is the Native American logo for the Atlanta Braves? ›

The Indian was part of the Braves logo when the team moved to Atlanta from Milwaukee in 1966. It was retired in 1989. The team also had a mascot, Chief Noc-a-Homa (knock a homer), who wore Native American dress and war paint.

What happened to the Braves mascot? ›

Levi Walker, Jr., better known as Chief Noc-A-Homa, died at 12:05 PM today with his loving family by his side. He was the mascot for the Atlanta Braves from 1966-1985. I had the honor of meeting him when I was 12 years old and then again on a news story two years ago.

What are Braves fans called? ›

Praves – Refers to the proud Braves fans.

Why is Blooper the Braves mascot? ›

Blooper succeeded the Braves' "Homer the Brave" mascot after he went into retirement. According to the Braves, he's a "product of science run amok", meaning Blooper is everything that makes a Braves' superfan that came out of a machine.

What was the original name of the Atlanta Braves stadium? ›

They've had three stadiums in the five-plus decades – Atlanta-Fulton County Stadium, Turner Field and now Truist Park (formerly called SunTrust Park). Atlanta-Fulton County Stadium was originally called Atlanta Stadium and was the home of the Braves when the team moved to Atlanta from Milwaukee in 1966.

Why does the guy on the Braves wear a pearl necklace? ›

But where did he get them? Now THAT we have an answer to: Joc Pederson on the origin of the pearls: I saw some and thought they looked cooler than the black or gold chains, so I texted my jeweler, got some, and it kind of took off.

Why do the Braves jerseys say the A? ›

“The A” emblazoned on the chest over the heart is synonymous with Atlanta's nickname and a visual representation of the Braves' battle “For The A.”

What is the meaning of the Braves name? ›

The name originated when James Gaffney bought the franchise in 1912 and used the emblem of his political party — an Indian headdress — as the team's logo, a common example of cultural appropriation. Later, Gaffney gave the name “Braves” to the team, a term for a Native American warrior.

Where does the term "braves" come from? ›

The term brave was the construct of early American traders referring to Native American men who were well trained and prepared to fight to defend their homeland.

Why were the Boston Braves called the Braves? ›

The team adopted an official name, the Braves, for the first time in 1912. Their owner, James Gaffney, was a member of New York City's Tammany Hall, which used an Indian chief as their symbol.

What is the Braves stadium named after? ›

Opened in 2017, it is the ballpark of Major League Baseball's Atlanta Braves. Previously named SunTrust Park, the ballpark was renamed after SunTrust Bank became Truist Financial in 2020. Atlanta National League Baseball Club Inc. M–E Engineers, Inc.


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